​​​​Our story  

I have always wanted to contribute to the world in some way. To cure disease, end war, save the planet from nuclear destruction and stop human and animal exploitation.

I may not have quite achieved these grandiose dreams, but what I did after many years of intense herbal apprenticeships, nutrition & spiritual studies, political and social activism and experience was start a company. A company that embodies these beliefs.

I have always had a passion for nature and things in their raw and authentic form. Being a proud 3rd generation Brooklynite, I am a very urban oriented person. I love the people and energy of my home town and I love balancing that with the connection to nature that it gives me to source, create and immerse myself in skincare made from the most raw and natural ingredients.
Making the best skincare possible, I put to work in my small way, the ethics I believe.

I create my products with ethically sourced ingredients, organic herbs and oils, in a healthy and supportive work environment creating skincare people can trust, love and enjoy.

It is my sincerest wish that I have achieved a measure of success by bringing you products that honor the beautiful being that you are, make your skin and spirit happy, exceed your expectations, delight you and make you smile. 

With love,


 Your Epidermis Is Showing!

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